Thin leading eage


A smooth concrete interlocking slate tile with the latest thin leading edge design.

Technical information

Size of Tile (overall) 420 x 330mm
Minimum Pitch 22 1/2 O (for rafter length over 8 metre, please consult our technical department)
Maxium Pitch 90O (subject to fixing specification)
Headlap (minimum) 75mm above 25O // 100mm at 25O or below
Headlap (maximum) 345mm
Covering Width of one tile (nominal) 295mm
Covering Capacity (Headlap 75mm) 9.8 tiles / m2
Covering Capacity (100mm) 10.6 tiles / m2
Hanging Length (nominal) 400mm
Weight per 1000 (approx.) 5.0 tonnes
Recommended Batten size
-Rafter centres up to 600mm
50 x 25mm
Recommended Nail size 45 x 3.35mm


Thin, leading edge tile with the appearance of slate.

Technical information

  • – Designation: EN490-IL-0-RF-300×384-5.4
  • – Maximum Pitch: 54º (without special fixing)
  • – Minimum Pitch: 22.5º
  • – Minimum Headlap: 100mm
  • – Maximum Gauge: 319mm
  • – Size of Tile (Overall): 419mmx334mm
  • – Leading Edge Depth 17mm
  • – Hanging Length: 399mm
  • – Nominal Cover Width: 303mm
  • – Tile Weight: 4.60 kg
  • – Profile Depth: 0
  • – Nail Hole Diameter: 5-8mm
  • – Nail Hole Position: 35mm from top of tile-inset
  • – 60mm from each side
  • – Weight of Tiling (approx): Headlap 100mm
  • – Tiles/M2 48.3kg/m2
  • – Net Batten Length Headlap 100mm
  • – Length/M2 3.2m
  • – Recommended Batten Size: Minimum 38mmx25mm for rafters not exceeding 400mm span. 50mmx25mm for rafters not exceeding 600mm. Battens to be secured with round wire or cut wire nails conforming


Valentia is now available in three colours with the latest additions being Welsh Blue and Highland Black.

Welsh Blue replicates the traditional blue-grey slate from the heart of Snowdonia whilst Highland Black is a good match for the black-grey slate of Scotland.

Uniquely within the Redland range, these colours have a high quality paint finish creating a strong and consistent roofscape.

Designed with a riven surface and chamfered edge to give the appearance of authentic quarried slate, Valentia matches this visual appeal with the convenience and performance of a machine-made slate. With a minimum pitch of 25º Valentia offers the design flexibility to produce roofscapes of quality and distinction.


Valentia Slates conform to BS EN 490: 2004 Concrete roofing tiles and fittings for roof covering and wall cladding – Product Specifications.


All of our products are designed and tested to work together. So not only is every product guaranteed weathertight, all the junctions between our products are similarly guaranteed. If any of our products fail during their first 15 years, we will not only replace them, we will also pay for the cost of labour and associated materials. Besides guaranteeing the roof tiles, this guarantee includes all our fittings and accessories. Indeed, the guarantee is so comprehensive that it is transferable to all future owners. A complete Redland roof is a completely guaranteed roof.


Valentia Slates have been rigorously tested in our wind tunnel where combinations of high wind and driving rain are used to determine the slates performance with respect to wind loading and weathertightness. Slates will meet the requirements of BS 5534: Part 1: 2003: Code of practice for Slating and tiling, providing our fixing recommendations are complied with.


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