ZStone is an innovative natural stone cladding system available in Ireland exclusively from LBS. It consists of real pieces of natural stone placed onto a cement backed reinforced panel. The panel comes in a “Z” shaped format to allow the seamless integration of joints on the finished facade. The panels are then simply applied with a bonding agent to the exterior or interior wall. The end result is a beautiful natural stone wall.

ZStone has a number of advantages
over traditional masonry:

  • – It is extremely cost effective
  • – Easily and speedily applied (up to 30 metres of ZStone can be applied in 1 day as opposed to 3 metres of traditional masonry)
  • – There is little or no wastage as opposed to traditional masonry
  • – No regular maintenance is required
  • – Can be used both internally and externally
  • – There is a choice of 4 finishes.

ZStone Finishes

  • – Slate
  • – Multi-Coloured Slate
  • – Quartz
  • – Granite.


The overall size of the panels are 610mm wide by 152mm high. The nominal depth is 45mm.

Corner pieces are available with lengths of 305mm and 610mm with other dimensions the same above.

The weight of of ZStone is approximately 65 kg/m2.


ZStone can be used in both internal and external situations and below are just some examples of where it is popular:

  • – Whole Building Cladding
  • – Architectural Walls
  • – Internal Walls and features
  • – Garden and Boundary walls
  • – Cladding to steps and access areas
  • – Pillars and Columns
  • – Facing to timber frame


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